Fran Karpowich, LMT & Elsie

Fran Karpowich, LMT & Elsie

It is my great pleasure to provide Therapeutic Massage Therapy for people who are less active because of age, illness or disability.

It has been a blessing in my life to be able to make a difference in their lives with massage.

What are the benefits?
Caring, nurturing therapeutic massage has positive effects on one’s physical and emotional state. It provides physical and mental stimulation from someone not involved in routine care. As they relax, daily frustrations seem less overwhelming. Nurturing touch can calm a person who feels frightened, depressed or out of control.

Massage has been found to: improve circulation & muscle tightness, and increase flexibility. It can reduce many common ailments such as anxiety, stress, aches and pains and depression.
What is my specialty?

I specialize in working with these populations because I enjoy helping to improve their lives, medical conditions and just help them feel better. The massage is gentle, but effective. I work with low-functioning to high-functioning individuals according to their needs. Massage lasts 30 minutes, according to their tolerance to touch. Massages can be weekly, every other week or monthly. I go to their residence and work out a schedule with the management. The cost of therapy is within the means of the receipient.

What are the immediate results?

I’ve helped poor circulation- blue fingers and toes turn healthy pink, and helped to heal bed sores in a couple of months. Contracted muscles become relaxed and I interract with them socially…asking them about their day, we sing songs, whatever they enjoy. I always get a big “Hello!” from them as they look forward to me coming to see them. I have been thanked by many staff members regarding reducing a residents anxiety level also.

What is my availability?

I am available to meet with the management of a facility to schedule a demonstration of the massage therapy.

                 Please see my testimonial page.
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**Please contact me @ 631-943-5443 **