Massage Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

Massage therapy can be a welcome respite – complete with clinically proven, wide-ranging benefits – to those with cerebral palsy who may, at times, endure a seemingly endless regimen of tests, treatments, surgeries, and medications. Massage therapy is applied in a painless and comforting way to treat, heal and balance the mind, body and soul. Those pursuing massage do so as a complement to conventional medicine, as an alternative intervention, or for well-being.


Massage can be helpful to those struggling with depression, attention-deficit, anxiety or stress. It can bring clients to a neutral state of momentary peace-of-mind, and leave them feeling happier, more focused, and ready to embrace life’s next challenge with a renewed sense of peace and vigor.


Massage therapy has many clinically-proven therapeutic and rehabilitative benefits to the body’s musculoskeletal, lymphatic and circulatory system. Some deep forms of massage release fibrous bands that form between tissues and organs. Light and superficial forms of massage can interrupt pain perception experienced in chronic pain. Massage can aid the circulatory system by facilitating oxygen and nutrients to tissues and vital organs. This form of therapy is also thought to stimulate the lymph system into releasing toxins. Some believe massage can release endorphins, which aid the body’s natural pain killers. Some massage techniques use passive exercise and stretching aimed at improving range-of-motion and stretching atrophied muscles. Massage is also believed to assist with bloating, inflammation, water retention, and sluggish metabolisms. With so many positive effects, it comes as little surprise that, for many, massage has become an important part of warm-up, training, warm-downs, rehabilitation, well-being, and injury recovery.


Massage is said to impart holistic value. Holistic medicine purports balance through the physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health. It is non-invasive, natural and pleasurable. The power of touch is delivered in a refreshingly tranquil, serene, and soothing atmosphere by trained professionals. It is said to take individuals to a euphoric, natural, healthy state of contentment and pain-free relaxation. It is known for its healing, relaxation, and balancing powers.

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