Compassionate Care Testimonials & Feedback

When Fran’s clients were asked: How do you feel after Fran massages you?
This is what a few had to say:
Mmmmm it feels so good.  It feels like peanut butter!
M.C., Lindenhurst 
I like my massages a lot
                                                                  –  M.P., Hicksville
I like my massages a lot and it felt great.
                                                                   – R.L., Hicksville
She removes the knots and the bugs! I feel relaxed. The stress leaves you.
                                                                   – J.R., Amityville
Ann-MarieJ/ Director at Life’s WORC
Ms. Fran Karpowich has worked as a massage therapist in my cluster of homes for the past 4-5 years. She started out at the Lindenhurst Residence with the hopes of increasing the circulation of one of the individual’s lower extremities. Soon not only did she assist in helping that individual increase circulation but also relaxa
tion and word of Ms Karpowich’s healing touch and warm friendly personality spread throughout my cluster. Ms. Karpowich works with individuals in the Butler residence, Deer Park residence, Borer as well as Lindenhurst. She works well with persons who display behavioral difficulties as well as molds her therapy to the needs of each individual.  I truly believe that some of our quieter – shy folks have become more interactive since they receive weekly massages from Ms. Karpowich. I highly recommend Ms. Karpowich’s services for the individuals that we support at LIfe’s WORC.
MaryM/RN Nurse Manager at Our Lady of Consolation Nursing Home
Frances Karpowich has worked with two of my residents performing massage therapy to promote healing of stage IV pressure ulcer wounds. The first resident had 2 stage IV sacral wounds. Due to the residents physiological problems, her poor nutritional intake, and the location of them, we had little hope for these wounds to heal. Fran came weekly to perform massage therapy. The nursing staff continued with their regime. A few weeks passed and we definitely saw improvement in the wound. It decreased in size, the drainage subsided and they actually healed. Due to this sccess, I promoted the therapy for another of our residents with a stage IV ulcer. I believe the massage therapy not only increased circulation to the wound to aid with the healing process, but it also promoted a sence of relaxation for the resident. The one on one attention and the soothing touch helped create a sense of well-being for the resident. I believe this therapy should be promoted with the care we provide at Our Lady of Consolation. It would be an asset for many of our residents to help them physiologically and psychologically. I find Frances to be very professional in nature. She is compassionate, soft-spoken and caring. The residents look forward to her visit. She does not interfere with the nursing practices on the unit but has become part of the team. It has been a pleasure working with her.
I am happy to recommend Fran Karpowich as a masseuse. I have availed myself of her services since 2/27/04. Her massages relieve my aches and dissipate phlegm which collects behind my ears and my shoulder blade. My skin condition has improved and my bedsores condition has improved. She’s gentle and conscientious with a pleasant personality. I’m an 85 year old patient with Parkinsons disease.
2/14/05 MarieUB
Since April 2004 Fran has been providing weekly massage for my 85 year old mother who has Parkinson’s disease and a number of other health problems. Since these weekly massage sessions my mother has gained some much-needed weight, is eating better, her pressure sores have not re-appeared and she’s in better spirits. At mutually agreed-upon dates and times Fran comes to Our Lady of Consolation Nursing Home where my mother resides. Fran is very reliable (which my mother greatly appreciates) as well as caring, trustworthy, intelligent and professional. Often Fran will communicate with me via phone and/or mail regarding my mother’s progress. Because I live in upstate New York I really appreciate not only Fran’s skills as a massage therapist but her ability to be gently present and attentive to my mother each week. I highly recommend Fran! She has a special gift for working with the elderly!
L- A Life’s WORC Staff
I am the Senior Support Counselor at one of the homes of Life’s Worc.  Fran has started working with one of our individuals some time ago, we have added two more individuals to her services since then.  These individuals really look forward to the day that Fran comes to give them their massage. There has been noticeable circulation improvement since the massage therapy has started. Fran is a very caring, gentle person and she not only attends to their massage, but she also converses with them and is truly interested in what they are saying. Any individuals will greatly benefit from the services provided by Fran.